60 seconds to create a meeting, invite attendees, sign on tablet or smartphone and generate personalized attendance sheets without any cost, application or constraint !


Group Signature

Sign the attendees at meetings via a simple web page, on your tablet or smartphone. You can use multiple tablets simultaneously for large groups.

Individual Signature

Participants can sign on their personal smartphones via a unique URL link sent to their email box with direct access to the meeting’s signature page. Allows remote signature during meeting time.

Tracking signatures in real time

The Dashboard page provides live tracking and viewing of signatures throughout the meeting. This page can be tracked or projected on a screen visible to all participants.


Certified PDF with probative value

At the end of the meeting, you receive your enrollment sheet in a secure PDF format, the document presents all signatures collected, as well as the absences. This document is time-stamped, signed by the trusted authority SoWeSign via a certificate with probative value.

HTML5 Browser Signature

Attendees can sign from any device without having to download an Apps: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, surface, PC or Mac with a mouse, a screen or a touchpad.

Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs, Android, BlackBerry

SoWeSign is compatible with all operating systems that have an HTML5 compatible browser: IE11 +, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

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