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SoWeSign Business

The full version of the attendance tracking solution : we study your needs, set up a connector between SoWeSign and your software, large deployment, user e-learning, etc.

Want to simplify the way you track attendance ?

SoWeSign business is the full version of the attendance tracking solution. At the beginning, it was dedicated to french training centers and it is now available for all contexts. SoWeSign offers an app to sign on tablets or smartphones. It automatically calculates attendance time. Create attendance recap. Permit online signature of agreements or contracts. And reliable archiving of documents and data.

SoWeSign : your attendance tracking solution

What are SoWeSign features ?

Use the app on any device

Available on any Android device : tablet, smartphone, etc.

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The app is available on all your devices : provided by SoWeSign, your own smartphones, tablets, fixed telephones with tactile surfaces, surfaces, laptops and more!

An online signature page is directly accessible to your trainers thanks to a Web browser and a simple Internet connection. A strong identification of trainers or learners by login and password is secured. Furthermore, signatures can be gathered online on our server, from any device. Finally, remote signing is available for distance training by phone, Skype and tele-conference.


Harware to use

We recommand to use Amazon Fire HD and its charging dock ! Because this hardware is the best value for money. More about fire HD here

Legal obligations

Attendance sheets will disappear in favor of handwritten signatures on digital tablets… First of all, the sollution had to respect the legal obligations imposed by the law and the funding organizations, the solution respect stricts conditions:

  • Strong identification of the signatories
  • High precision signature
  • Geolocation of the signature’s place
  • Timestamp of the signature’s time
  • Transmission with trusted third-parties
  • PDF Electronic signature with RGS certificate 1*
  • Archiving in digital safe of the french federation of trusted third parties
  • Legal archiving for 10 years for invoicing records
  • The audit trail complies with the requirements
  • Complete neutrality between the training center and the public funders

Sign all your documents online

We also simplify the signature of PDF, maintaining the legal value aspects of these official documents.

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SoWeSign includes an EDM for storing learners and trainers’ files.

  • Learner files are composed of agreements, invoices, signatures and audit reports, justificatory documents, etc.
  • Trainer files are composed of trainer’s reports, administrative documents, agreements or employment contracts and invoices for internal and external trainers.
  • Training organizations’ documents are saved in EDM. It include all administrative documents related to the life of the training organization.

PDF signed by SoWeSign are saved in a digital safe. Digital safe guarantees  evidences of probative value in case of  controls by your authority.

Certified PDF attendance recaps

The solution manage natively certified PDF with a probative value. It can be used for many types of documents specific to training centers:

  • Multiparty agreement between employment centers and trainees.
  • The attendance sheets collected on tablets.
  • Justification of absences required for invoicing.
  • Complete invoicing records in digital format.
  • Remote transmission of documents to funding organizations.
  • Commercial records: quotes, proposals, contracts…
  • The funders, firms and learners records.

SoWeSign integrates a simple solution for the online signature of your contracts and agreements:

  •  Save your documents as PDF and import it online.
  • Designate the signatories with an email and a mobile phone number.
  • An invitation is sent by email, asking them to identify themselves.
  • A unique identification login signature is transmitted by email and/or SMS.
  • Then they access to the online PDF document and sign it online.


The immediate earnings:
  • Delegation of a signature.
  • 10 years conservation in a digital safe
  • No need to send 3 or 4 copies of the physical documents
  • No need to print, sign and re-scan the documents (not legal)

Save time and money with the online digital signature and probative value : a single tariff of 0,10€ per signature!


Charge your data from Excel

You don’t have any planning software ? Import Excel files to schedule sessions !

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A standard Excel file is available to import all your data on SoWeSign. Complete this excel sheets, load it via the management interface, then it is controlled by the system and injected into the repository.

Online attendance tracking dashboard

A dashboard to track attendance in real time, use the adjustment system, etc.

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SoWeSign’s dashboards helps tracking the students and collect absences’ justification. Therefore absences are immediately detected and allows you to contact absents faster. To sum up, you realize a better tracking of absences and justifications. 


Connect SoWeSign and your software

Automates exchanges between your planning software and SoWeSign.

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Integrate our solutions within your information system to computerize IT exchanges. That will facilitate the IT staff’s work and will reduce the number of manual operations, sources of errors.


SoWeSign standards’ API

  • Computerize the repository’s update
    • Students
    • Trainers
    • Courses
    • Training rooms
    • Third parties
  • Get elements of presence or absence
  • Collect digital signatures
  • Return invoices adn its elements to create the invoicing record
  • Recover the invoicing records
  • Computerize the global reversion of the documents
Based on the nature of your projects, we can make other interfaces for a richer and more functional automation.

Business connectors

SoWeSign have standards connections with the most important planning softwares in France. Therefore we can help you with the development of specific interfaces with your own planning software. Moreover,we consult experts with more than 12 years of experience working in cross-application.

Learn how it works easily

Use our dedicated e-learning website to train all your collaborators.

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Training courses per user are available online to train all your employees in a few time. Use the same login and password as for using the application. Learn all you need to know as you go !

Tell us more about your attendance project !

You just want to check attendance and save your attendance sheets ?

Please consult SoWeSign for school, maybe it will meet your needs !


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