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SoWeSign for school’s app

Find an easy way to check attendance, use a secured and reliable system to store attendance information and audit trails, collect data concerning enter, withdrawal and re-enter at school.

SoWeSign for school application
SoWeSign for school login page

1. The first step : login

Once you registered, you receive an e-mail containing the link to SoWeSign’s manager and a username and password to login.

2. Insert your data

Please download the SoWeSign’s Excel template file, insert your data according to the instructions and upload it on the manager interface. You will then find your data on this interface: your groups/classes on the left, the attendance tracking in the dashboard.

SoWeSign for school dashboard
SoWeSign's application login page

3. Download and start the app

Please download the “SoWeSign for school” app on Google Play or Amazon Store. When you launch the app, an identifying code is requested, please enter the code you find on the top of your group page on the manager interface. This code identify your group on the app, then you can start with the session signature !

4. Search for the child name in the list and choose his tutor

Scroll the alphabetic list to find the child’s name, then choose the person responsible of him to access the signature screen for his enter, withdrawal or re-enter at school.

SoWeSign app check attendance at school
SoWeSign app sign attendance at school

5. Sign in a few seconds

A dedicated space allows you to sign the child enter, withdrawal or re-enter at school or afterschool activities.

6. You need some settings ?

SoWeSign allows you to change the language, synchronize all your data with the manager, change the screen mode, etc.

SoWeSign's app settings
Track attendance at school on SoWeSign's dashboard

7. Track the attendance in real time

With the automatic synchronization every 2 minutes, you can see in real time, all the signatures on SoWeSign’s manager.


Download all your attendance sheets from the last 6 years !

Attendance sheets generation

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You have a bigger project ?

Have a look on our business version, the full version of the attendance tracking solution : we study your needs, set up a connector between SoWeSign and your software, large deployment, user e-learning, etc.