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Frequently Asked Questionss

The answer to your questions about the practical side of the solution!


1. Is your solution valid in other countries?

The solution was created for use in France, particularly in relation to proof of attendance with financial institutions. We have worked with major groups to internationalize the solution, which is now available in more than 17 languages. A subsidiary has been opened in the United States. Given the current context, its development has slowed down considerably but will resume as soon as the health situation returns to “normal”. In parallel, we are developing the Spanish market, which has similar constraints to those in France.


1. Is there a sliding scale for the cost of signatures collected?

Yes, of course, for more than 100,000 signatures per year, we will offer decreasing rates of 0.10 to 0.02 euros per signature.

2. We are a group of several schools, how does the pricing work in this case?

In the case of a single and joint purchase, we will offer you a decreasing rate or a group rate depending on your configuration and the associated legal structures.

3. How are SoWeSign subscription fees calculated?

Find the different rates on our dedicated page.

4. Do you offer support at the start of the project?

The e-learning platform made available to our clients allows teams to train themselves. However, depending on the context, we offer you additional tailor-made support, for a start-up audit, on-site training of your teams, support for the initial start-up, development or implementation of the IT connector necessary for data replication with your planning, management and invoicing ERP. Contact us for more details.


1. Do I have to use SoWeSign tablets?

No, you can use your own Android hardware or iOs, download the signature app from the Play Store, AppStore or APK, or sign directly from a Chrome browser.

2. What is the replacement interval of the tablets provided by SoWeSign?

Our shelves are designed for a maximum of 5 years before being replaced. We will replace them free of charge in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the equipment supplied. We replace them at cost price in case of breakage or abnormal deterioration. It is your responsibility to insure them against theft and breakage.

3. What should I do if a tablet in the dedicated room breaks?

We always provide at least one mobile backup tablet that allows managers to enter the “Room” identifier of the defective tablet so that the group can register live during training time. In the worst case, it is always possible to make a recovery request by email to trainees and instructors, or to use the tablet in “recovery” mode to have the group register for a previous course.

4. What are the recommendations for buying my own signature pads?

All you need to buy are Android 5.1 or newer tablets with at least 1.5 GB of RAM, a recent processor with 4 cores or better, an 8 to 10 inch HD screen with a minimum resolution of 1280×800 and a good 7 to 8 hours of battery life recommended. For example, among the models available in early 2018, the Amazon Fire HD8 model (perfect for trainers and class delegates) or larger, the Samsung Tab E 9.6 inches (recommended model for managers and recovery work).

5. Why Amazon Fire HD8 tablets?

Amazon’s shelves have a plastic screen that makes them more robust against accidental falls. The autonomy of these shelves is from 10 to 12 real hours. In case of theft, the user cannot change the system date of the tablet, which is automatically configured through the server (limitation of cheating attempts). In addition, each tablet has a unique Amazon serial number, which increases its traceability in case of theft report to the authorities and makes the resale of this tablet more complex. When the tablets are turned on, a very soft advertising page appears (instead of any image of an android), it is not annoying or invasive, simply sliding your finger up on the home screen unlocks the tablet and makes the advertising disappear.

Saas and prerequisites

1. Are there any technical prerequisites for the deployment of SoWeSign tablets?

 Our tablets must have Internet access, either in Wifi or 3G/4G in the case of mobile signature tablets, or through a cable and an RJ45 network connector in the case of wall mount tablets.

2. Are there specific ports to open in my Internet Firewall?

Our tablets use outbound access only and do not require IP port routing or forwarding. In case of an outgoing firewall, HTTPS port 443 must be open to the *.jesuisencours.com, *.-sws-multilingual.pf25.wpserveur.net and *.greenpdfpaper.com servers.

3. Do I need to install a dedicated Wi-Fi network for the signature tablets?

No, you can use your existing network on our mobile signature tablets. You will simply have to connect our Android tablets to your wireless network.

4. Can I install the solution internally on my servers?

Repository and interconnection

1. Can I use the solution even if I don't have a management ERP?

Yes, you can declare students, instructors and courses directly through the SoWeSign management interface, or import this data in bulk through Excel files to be filled in by copy/paste.

2. My ERP does not allow an interface but generates ICS planning files?

We can read the agenda files in ICS format and extract the list of courses, topics and participants, if this information is present at the agenda level. SoWeSign’s ICS connector allows for automated synchronization of courses, often in conjunction with Excel lists to import learners and trainers. SoWeSign is a solution designed to easily interact with most software vendors in the market. Contact us for personalized support in the process of integration or partnership with your software publisher, to enrich the list of official SoWeSign connectors, or to create a specific connector for your center.

3. My ERP does not appear in the list of associated ERPs, what should I do?

SoWeSign es una solución diseñada para interactuar fácilmente con la mayoría de los editores de software del mercado. Contáctenos para un apoyo personalizado en el proceso de integración o asociación con su editor de software, con el fin de enriquecer la lista de conectores oficiales SoWeSign, o para crear un conector específico para su centro.

4. My time and attendance management is an "internal development", what can I do?

SoWeSign provides a public HTTP/REST/JSON API to synchronize the repository and forward attendance, times and signatures. We can help you develop your own connector, and provide you with source code examples in PHP, Java, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, Objective-C, etc.

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