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Our institutional partners

SoWeSign is a member of Edtech France!

Incorporated as an Association L.1901 in May 2018, EdTech France very quickly managed to federate all the actors of the French EdTech ecosystem to represent today a new and recognised network: more than 240 member companies, institutional and associative partners, large companies and higher education institutions, all interested in the transformation of apprenticeships in the digital age.

EdTech France reflects the diversity of the entrepreneurial ecosystem it represents: its members are very young start-ups as well as companies that have reached a certain level of maturity, address offers aimed at school education, higher education or professionnal training, are publishers of digital resources or designers of technological solutions (platforms, applications…), digitise training courses, train in code…


Design’in is an association under the 1901 law. It provides local companies, faced with new issues and challenges, with solutions to generate complementary growth levers. Design’in takes into account the technical, commercial and cultural realities of the company to design the best response to its strategy and profile. Design’in has chosen to highlight one of the pillars of design: the user-centred approach. It explains the opportunity that this approach represents, elaborates an adapted support path, and encourages the cross-fertilisation of skills. Supported by the Pays de la Loire Region, the association brings together a group of regional players: companies, the world of education and economic networks.

Syntec Numérique

Syntec Numérique has developed the #5000 startups device to help start-ups develop. These are always more numerous to join the professional union but their needs are different from those of other members and they do not have the same human and financial means. To meet this need, Syntec Numérique has designed a “360°” support programme, i.e. a programme that covers all areas of a company’s development and not only the financial aspects.

ADN Ouest

The Association of Western Digital Directors brings together more than 400 companies from all sectors of activity, public or private. The association enables the exchange and sharing of experience between digital players, it gives visibility to digital professions in companies and gives young people the desire to join the sector and contribute to their training with a view to recruitment.

France Entreprise Digital - Le Monde Informatique

Every year, projects are selected by the French Departmental IT services and CISO Clubs by Region. 3 categories are presented: “Best Start-Up Project”, “Best Transformation Project” and “Grand Prix”. In 2015, SoWeSign (the very first version of SoWeSign) was elected to participate in the “Transformation” category.

CCI Nantes-St Nazaire

Within the Commission for Higher Education and Professional Training, the CCI enables companies to understand the benefits of work-linked training. This commission makes it possible to show the importance of the link between training and the business world. This alliance allows the SoWeSign team to be present as close as possible to the world of professionnal training.


A.I.G.L.E. is an association that enables business leaders from the Grand Lieu area (Nantes Region) to meet and exchange on topics such as financial, labour and economic laws, etc. But also on subjects such as road safety, at work, in business parks, etc. A.I.G.L.E. is a facilitator that enables business leaders to address their problems and find ways to solve them together.