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100% integrated to your SI

SoWeSign has predefined business connector templates for some ERPs on the market! For automatically synchronized data.

Integrate SoWeSign into your SI

Integrate our solutions seamlessly into your computer system to automate computer exchanges: this will facilitate the work of IT staff and greatly reduce the number of manual operations that are sources of error or omission. Model connectors have already been realized with some major market players, here is the list :

Yparéo - YMAG

Yparéo is specialized in the management of training centers. From small training centres to structures with several hundred users spread over different geographical sites and managing diploma or qualification training, group continuing education or individualised training; Yparéo adapts to any operating mode.

Hyperplanning - Index éducation

Hyperplanning manages schedules, rooms, and schooling. Through an intuitive interface, the planning edition and resource reservation functions are at the service of thousands of users. Hyperplanning equips Universities as well as training centres, IUFMs, engineering schools, business schools, apprentice training centres, etc.

Cornerstone on demand - Cornerstone

Cornerstone OnDemand is a software publisher focused on human capital management, enabling organisations to manage their HR data and support them in recruiting, training, and managing their people.

Ammon - Val Software

Ammon is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system dedicated to the management of professionnal training organizations. The training management solution is Cloud-certified, a guarantee of quality, performance and security.

Aurion - Auriga

Aurion is a solution designed to meet the needs of initial and continuing education. It allows to gather all strategic data to carry out the administrative, pedagogical, logistic and financial management of training centres in all fields.


Axess has developed the Agate software: a software dedicated to the management of training centers.

SoWeSign and Agate have therefore decided to join forces to offer you totally complementary offers.

Alcuin (formerly OpenPortal)

The solution is designed to meet the needs of all types of training organizations. Its functional base makes it possible to manage all the training courses and their specificities: inter, intra, conventionné, certifying or graduating, whether the training is given face-to-face, at a distance, in work-study or by apprenticeship.

Training Orchestra

Training Orchestra is the leader in Training Management Solutions for Training Organizations and Training Departments. At the request of common customers, we decided to create a business connector between our two solutions.

ManageAll - Axis Strategy

ManageAll is a software package for managing language training centres. By working with foreign language training centers, Axis strategy has been able to develop and adapt its software to the specific requirements of this field.

SC form logo

SC Form

SC-Form’s vocation is to be at the heart of the management of your training organization in order to federate your team around a single software. Each piece of information entered is retrieved by all users, thus avoiding any re-entry of information. Exclusively dedicated to training organizations, Galia, Sofia and Gessica are adapted to all training professions: diploma courses, qualification courses, continuing education, or for the integration of job seekers and people in difficulty, and are based on two main areas: planning and administrative and financial management.


Gestibase is the specialist in management tools for work-linked training: apprenticeship, school training, continuing education. 

Blue note systems

Specializing in customer relationship management solutions since 2005, Blue note systems helps you get the most out of your CRM or Helpdesk software. With operational and analytical CRM, marketing automation and customer service, we offer solutions that integrate all phases of the customer journey.


At the heart of your HRIS, Adesoft is a publisher of constrained planning software that plans, simulates and schedules: initial and ongoing training, schedules, and maintenance interventions. The solution meets the challenges of advanced and massive planning when constraints are high. It is especially adapted when resources are critical and volumes are very high.

Your ERP does not appear in the list?

We can get closer to your business editor to create this connector in case of a joint project!

SoWeSign standard APIs

What do our APIs allow?

The SoWeSign V2.2.0 standard APIs allow :
  • Automate the updating of the repository: learners, trainers, groups, courses, sessions, locations, third parties, campuses, companies, funders, etc.
  • To retrieve the elements of presence or absence
  • To add a presence or an absence
  • To retrieve documents (credentials, audit trails, justificatif of absence, etc.).
  • To generate attendance certificates
Depending on the nature of your projects, we can create other interfaces for an even richer and more functional automation.

What exchange protocols?

The SoWeSign 2.2.0 standard APIs exploit current open source and Internet technologies to facilitate their implementation.
  • JSON exchange format
  • REST HTTPS exchange protocol
  • Synchronous responses with return code
Our APIs are fully secured in HTTPS format., guaranteeing full encryption of the frames circulating on the Internet between your computer system and the SoWeSign server.


A return code “200 OK” or “400 ERROR” is systematically sent back with each message, in order to ensure reliable exchanges without loss of information..


Standard APIs :

Our standard SoWeSign APIs are fully documented and provided free of charge to our customers and software publisher partners. Integration is done in a few days, so don’t wait any longer, contact us to discuss it.

The repository APIs :

The repository feed has a first level of interface at the level of the administration menus, using Excel sheets, in export, modification and manual reintegration. THE API Student allows the automatic addition, modification or deletion of learners from the SoWeSign repository.


The other APIs of the repository are built on the same logic for trainers, groups, places, campuses, third parties, companies, funders, courses, sessions.

The presence and absence API :

The GetSignatureList API allows to retrieve the presence and absence list with associated images (signatures retrieved from tablets or absences).


This API allows the call systems integrated in the FSOs’ business software to be updated in near real time. It triggers alerts for learners noted absent at the closing time of the authorized signature time slot.
A single URL per collected signature also makes it possible to create an interface to the signature image, either by HTTPS retrieval of the image in question, or by integrating a URL link in the business software, allowing direct access to the unitary signature of a course for a learner or a trainer.

The APIs of the documents :

The GetDocumentList API is used to retrieve the list of newly generated or added documents.

This API allows you to retrieve the URL in order to make the document visible directly from your computer system.

The API CreateDocument allows to create a new document by associating an object (learner, trainer,…) to it.

The APIs for generating certificates of attendance :

L’API GenerateAttendanceStudent allows you to launch a generation of certificate(s) for one or more learners over a given period of time.

The other APIs of the repository are built on the same logic for trainers, courses, sessions.


Reminder: SoWeSign retains for a period of 10 years in an FNTC digital safe, all files submitted and generated in order to meet regulatory requirements on the preservation of digital originals.

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