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Making sign-in easier.

Signature on touch device, calculation of attendance hours, real time control of absences, online signature of contracts and agreements. Dematerialization of time sheets and generation of invoices and receipts for financial institutions, trainees and companies.

SoWeSign helps you to respect protective measures

SoWeSign helps you to respect protective measures in your training centre, but also continues to assist you in collecting your credentials during your virtual classes.

The functionalities

The application

A signature application that allows you to sign or approve your presence on any touch device.

The manager

An online interface to simplify support management in your training organization

Signing of the PDFs

Now sign all your contracts, agreements and quotes online and save them on the secure GED.

ERP Integration

A connector allows to synchronize all the information between the two tanks.


Store all your documents in the Emergency Management System: 10 years of totally secure storage.

How does it work?

SoWeSign is a solution of dematerialization of time sheets composed of a management interface accessible online on the one hand and an application on the other. The management interface makes it possible to plan training sessions, monitor attendance, consult all the documents of an EDM specialised in professional training, have contracts and agreements signed online, etc. The management interface is also accessible online. The application is available on any touch screen medium thanks to SoWeSign identification codes and allows all participants to sign on a dedicated device or on their own material.

Would you like to know more about the solution?

After you have assigned a time slot, we will present the complete solution in an online demonstration!

They trust us

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