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The history of SoWeSign


 Following the acquisition of key accounts. As well as the internationalization of the offer due to opportunities detected in the United States. JeSuisEnCours becomes SoWeSign! A name that fits any kind of context and can be exported to other territories! The graphic identity has been revised in order to fully adapt to the image of the solution:

  • Blue to represent innovation, technology, security, trust and confidence.
  • A more modern logo and website
  • A more dynamic baseline
  • Soon, the V3 of the application and a purer manager


Deploying the solution

The solution is deployed with various customers throughout France: higher education schools, training centres, large companies, language centres, …

JeSuisEnCours also won the tender from the Pays de la Loire Region. Published at the end of 2017. It concerns the dematerialization of the fees for the OFs providing training courses approved by the Region.


The company was created and the V1 solution was launched in May. Ynov was the first training organization to use the solution in its Nantes premises.

Research and development

For a year and a half, the R&D teams have been working together on the “attendance sheet dematerialization” project.  We focused on the legal aspects at the OPCA level, tested hundreds of media, thousands of lines of code, etc. We also worked on the legal aspects at the OPCA level. The project was tested on a pilot school, where tablets have been installed since 2015. Many tests took place, connectors had to be set up with the ERP of the training centre. The goal: not to waste time manually entering all the computer science students. For this, we developed a link (API) to communicate between the school ERP and JeSuisEnCours.


SoWeSign started from a simple discussion between a school principal and the head of a dematerialization software publishing company. The problem of attendance sheets was often a recurring one in the school. Naturally, the school principal talked to his friend, a dematerialization expert, about the problem. So we looked into the matter to find a solution.