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Remote sign-in

SoWeSign and protective measures

Dématérialisation des émargements sur tous les supports

No more paper sheets!

SoWeSign offers you 4 solutions to continue to sign, while respecting the protective measures.

Our 4 solutions for safe sign-in

Display of QR Code

SoWeSign allows you to display QR Codes at the entrance of classrooms on installed shelves. Learners then flash the QR code on their personal smartphones and sign on their own equipment. This QR code can be flashed from approximately 1m away depending on the device used. The encrypted QRCode changes every 10 seconds to avoid cheating: the time and room are checked by the SoWeSign application (adapted to the “schools” context). No physical contact with the tablet or any other common hardware.

Displaying a code

From the trainer mode, it is possible to access a code that can be disclosed to the participants. Participants enter the code into the application, which then displays the signature pad for the course. The code is encrypted and valid for the entire duration of the course: the time and the room are verified by the SoWeSign application (adapted to the “corporate training” context).


SoWeSign proposes you to use beacons in your establishments :

  • Via independent boxes
  • Via USB on your existing wall mounted tablets that continue to display courses, attendances/absences, timetables, etc.
  • On the phones and shelves of the trainers or class reps

The learners can then sign in from the student application that has detected the beacon via Bluetooth.

Signature by e-mail

The trainer declares the absentees and then sends a request for signature by e-mail to the learners during a training course. The learners sign remotely on their own device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

If a learner does not have the necessary material for signing, it is always possible to sign on the tablets in the training center, respecting the protective measures: hand washing before and after use, cleaning the tablet before and after use, signing via individual pens, etc.

All these solutions allow :

  • To remove the sheets of paper emargement, sources of contagion.
  • To avoid crowds during face-to-face training, each learner signs on his or her own material. 
  • To provide proof of attendance, even in remote training. 
  • To respect protective measures: signature on one’s own equipment, from a distance. 

The application in trainer mode allows you to control the list from your smartphone: it is then possible for the trainer to indicate an absence or cancel an attendance if a learner has signed in the place of another.

Téléphone avec Application SoWeSign

Making sign-in easier !

SoWeSign helps you to respect protective measures in your training centre, but also continues to accompany you in collecting your credentials during your virtual classes.