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A signature application in training to emigrate in full mobility

Access to applications

for day-to-day operation

How does the application work?

3 simple steps to use it:

  1. Enter the manager code then choose a mode or directly enter a room, session, trainer, group or session code to access your session.
  2. Choose your name from the list.
  3. Sign in the box provided.

People who have already emigrated are automatically placed at the bottom of the list. The tablet manager can thus visually check all signatures before the end of the signature period.

The different modes of signature

The room/office mode.

In room mode, the tablet is linked to the place where it is placed. When hung on the wall or fixed to a desk, the tablet automatically synchronizes with the information entered in the manager: session, trainer, learners, schedules, etc. It displays the signing session at the beginning of the course and allows learners to sign.

Group mode.

The tablet can be entrusted to a group. The code then allows you to synchronize and display all the sessions associated with the group. The person in charge of the tablet gets the whole group to sign it and then brings it back to the secretariat in the evening.

The FORMATOR mode.

A tablet is given to the trainer, thanks to its unique identifier, the tablet displays all the sessions given by the trainer. This mode can be used for both intra-company and inter-company training since it is possible to use the application “offline”.

Session mode.

In session mode, the tablet displays all the sessions in the session. For example, for adult training sessions that take place over three days, the tablet automatically synchronizes itself and displays the participants of each session in a timely manner.

Catching up.

If a signature is forgotten or incorrectly signed, it is possible to get learners and trainers to sign in remediation: face to face, on the tablet or by sending a remediation e-mail.

Session mode.

Session mode allows you to configure the tablet for a particular session. When a tablet is down or a problem has occurred, session mode allows signatures to be allowed for the session for 1 hour.

the remote signature.

In the case of FOAD courses, the “remote signature” mode allows an instructor to initiate a remote signature request via his smartphone, by sending a direct signature URL to the connected trainees.

The SOWeSign manager for real-time monitoring!

During signing periods or after the session has passed, administrative managers may
monitor absences and attendances in real time via the SoWeSign manager.