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Handwritten signature on a touch tablet

SoWeSign allows you to sign in less than 3 seconds with your fingertips: there is no need for blank or pre-printed timesheets, badges, cards, pens or rounds to collect the registration sheets… No learning, the system is instantaneous and very intuitive.

Our dedicated signature tablets

Signature tablets on the wall or desk: these are dedicated to fixed classrooms. For training centres that give their courses in dedicated premises.

These tablets are most often connected in POE to avoid latency or Wi-Fi restrictions.

Mobile/laptop signature tablets are entrusted to a tablet manager: administrator, trainer or delegate, for example. They allow the use of SoWeSign outside the school: school trips, outdoor training sessions, etc.

No investment is necessary: the tablets are part of the monthly rent, pre-installed and delivered by SoWeSign. You can also use your own equipment.


The use of the application

The tablet administrator enters your unique identifier to switch to signature mode. The tablet can be given to a trainee or a trainer.

Ecran connexion SoWeSign

Several modes are available to suit your needs:

  • Room : automatically displays the sessions related to the selected training room.
  • Group : shows the sessions scheduled for the selected group.
  • Trainer : shows the sessions of the trainer responsible for the tablet
  • Session : shows the courses of the current session.
  • Courses : allows students and trainers to register punctually for a given session.

See application details here

The signature is made with the fingerprint on the tablet, before the course starts, with a control of the signature by those responsible for the training (as on paper).

SoWeSign on all your web screens

Signature en ligne en mobilité et actu V2

Tutors can directly access an online signature page through a Web browser and a simple Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G Internet connection. A strong identification of the tutor or trainee through a username and password is secured for this signature mode. Signatures can be collected directly online on our server, from an iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet or Android smartphone, Windows …


The remote signature

As part of distance training by phone, Skype, teleconferencing, a remote signature option is available.

Signature à distance SoWeSign