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Technical tools

Complementary applications

Here are the links to the different technical tools that can be useful when using our solution.

Le starter

This application is only used for wall mounted tablets. It allows you to automatically launch the signature application when the tablet starts up with a pin to block access to the Android system. Thanks to its ID code, a manager can quit the signature application and open the Android settings from the Starter.

ES File Explorer

When the android system allows it, this file explorer has an option to activate the “root” mode and thus explore the whole tree structure of a tablet (full access). Thanks to this mode, one can for example retrieve the SQLite database used by the signature application or empty the application’s cache.

Team Viewer

When it becomes necessary, this tool allows our technical team to take remote control of a tablet to diagnose any type of problem. Depending on the embedded android system, the remote control can be blocked, which is the case with Amazon Fire HD8 tablets, for example. This is why this tool is mainly reserved for wall mounted tablets operating in room mode.

Root Checker

This application verifies that the android system allows the use of the “root” (administrator) account that is required for wall mounted tablets. The Starter installed on these tablets uses it to manage the pinning of the signature application. This allows to lock the android system tray and prevent a malicious person from tampering with the system.


This application is intended for wall mounted tablets that are connected in POE, it allows to define a proxy server for network access. Because unlike a Wi-Fi connection, the android system used (version 6.0.1) does not natively allow to define a proxy server on an Ethernet connection.


This application is intended for wall mounted tablets, it allows to display the logs of the android system and thus determine the cause of certain problems. When installed, it is possible to open it directly from the Starter in quick access.

Blue Mail

The installation of Gmail and therefore Google Play services requires the registration of a Google Account, which can interfere with the operation of a tablet (automatic updates, synchronization of the Google Account, etc.). This tool avoids all this and simplifies the sending to our technical team of the files stored on the tablet, such as the SQLite database used by the signing application or simply a screen printout.