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Our strategic partners


Axess has developed the Agate software: a software dedicated to the management of training centers. SoWeSign and Agate have decided to join forces to offer you totally complementary offers.

Alcuin (formerly OpenPortal)

The Alcuin solution is designed to meet the needs of a training organization. Whatever the type: public, private, associative or consular. It meets the needs of both simple and complex organizations (multi-site, multi-brand, multi-offer). Its functional base makes it possible to manage all the training courses and their specificities: inter-intra, conventionné, certifying or graduating. Whether the training is given face-to-face, distance learning, work-study or apprenticeship.


Hub3E is a software publisher for training centers, students and companies. The solution brings together students looking for internships, companies looking for trainees or work-study contracts. With its past experience and skills in the world of training. Hub3E has partnered with SoWeSign to distribute the solution in the Lyon Region.


Inovaia, a distributor of innovative and high-performance high-availability solutions, offers powerful solutions for dematerialization, backup, digital safes and specific software.

Training Orchestra

Training Orchestra is the leader in Training Management Solutions for Training Organizations and Training Departments. At the request of common customers, we decided to create a business connector between our two solutions.


Diduenjoy is a Saas tool for conducting and administering simple and quick satisfaction surveys and analysing the results. Following the request of one of our common customers, we decided to join forces to propose an offer with two complementary solutions.


Safety, comfort, simplicity… No need to choose anymore! TestWe is a complete e-Exam solution: online platform for teachers and administration, offline software for learners. Their knowledge of the higher education market and training centers make them the ideal partner for SoWeSign.


A simple and complete software to manage your training center. Imagined and created by Hop3team, a start-up incubated in the Euratechnologies ecosystem, YPK is a true business tool with a unique character. An efficient administrative management software, fully customizable and including a tailor-made support by internal teams.


Alpiasoft is a solution for training organizations, integrating all the necessary tools in a single platform: Prospects, customers, suppliers, administrative, billing, pedagogical, e-learning, various exports including EDOF / MyTrainingAccount, electronic signature, Qualiopi compatibility and more…