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A secure and evidentiary signature process

Complies with the decree n°2017-382 of 22 March 2017 on proof of attendance of a person in training

The SoWeSign solution is a “Trusted Third Party” solution, guaranteeing the best practices necessary for digital signature sheets. In strict compliance with the framework of French law and administrative regulations.

Neutrality of the trusted third party

We are a “Fair and Neutral” third party between training organizations, administrations, joint organizations, public and private funders. This ensures full transparency of the signing and issuing process for all parties. The paper-based processes currently used in training centres cannot guarantee such transparency.

The collection of learners’ signatures is not carried out by the training centre. Signatures are collected by the hardware integrated in the SoWeSign solution (dedicated and secure tablets) or the encrypted web page.

This procedure prohibits any manipulation of signatures by the personnel of training organisations. The SoWeSign servers are administered by us at the leading French and European hosting company (OVH). The training centre does not have access to processing data (not even the training centre computer specialists).

Handwritten signature on tablets

For each teaching plot, the learner signs on the SoWeSign secure tablet. Just as he traditionally did on the paper sign sheets. The technical and visual quality of the signature collected is in fact superior to a handwritten signature. Indeed, the image and signature vectors (finger movements) allow a fine analysis of the signatures (aspect).

Full signature security

We collect signatures in a handwritten and unitary manner. They are self-supporting of the context of the collection in the metadata of the associated PDF file (signer, course, date, time, place, trainer, IP of signature collection).

.The RGS* SoWeSign certificate allows the PDF to be digitally signed. It is then time-stamped and archived in an FNTC electronic safe on the day of signature.

What level of warranty do you offer?

Every effort has been made to ensure full transparency and traceability of attendance control operations:

  • Strong identification of the signatories
  • Strict control of handwritten signatures
  • Securing PDF documents by RGS* signature
  • Time stamping and systematic deposit in a safe at the FNTC
  • Probationary storage 3 or 10 years in electronic safe deposit box
  • Compliance with French and European conservation rules
  • Certificate of conformity issued by SoWeSign
  • URLs and QR Instant traceability code for all documents
  • Compliance with all good practices of evidence-based dematerialisation
  • Processing and archiving on servers hosted in France
  • Compliance with OPCO, Regional, ESF and DIRECCTE requirements

Compliance with document archiving constraints

The storage of SoWeSign evidence respects the constraints of a single record. All the documents attached to a training action are grouped together in the same GED space. They are finally printed, consulted or exported globally on demand.

SoWeSign sign-off sheets are sent to funders as a signed and time-stamped PDF. In addition to attendance certificates and other documents in the invoicing file. All these elements are intended for the OPCOs, financiers, companies and administrations in charge of legality controls.

The electronic archiving of the documents respects the storage constraints of the original digital documents (time-stamped, signed PDFs and archived in the FNTC’s electronic safe).

Compliance with attendance requirements for OPCOs

SoWeSign requires a minimum of two signatures per day: in the morning and in the afternoon, or more depending on the pedagogical blocks planned by the training organization.

Signatures are collected at each course and individually time-stamped to show the time and place of collection.

Then, these signatures are assembled in the PDF sign-in sheet. Finally, an audit trail is generated, demonstrating the origin and integrity of the signature process.

Strong learner identification

The learner who signs is identified much more securely than in the traditional paper model. Indeed, it must be declared and registered in the SoWeSign training repository integrated into the solution (name, first name, e-mail, telephone, etc.). The learner signs in the presence of the trainer who is conducting the course and also signs at the end of each training session. All this information is reported in the SoWeSign traceability proofs (whereas we do not have these reliable elements today in paper form).

Respect for the centralization of documents

The financing of training in France generally goes through public bodies, Regions, departments, Pôle emploi, as well as the OPCOs, which have their own constraints in terms of conservation and proof of attendance. The traceability of signature operations is the keystone of the controls, as is the conservation of evidence over a period of 3 to 10 years in a file specific to each training action.

SoWeSign takes into account all these elements, in order to respect the DIRECCTE, OPCO, Regions and ESF constraints, essential to the control of spending of public funds. Demonstrating the reliability and traceability of signatures is therefore the basic responsibility of the training organizations who have the trainees and learners sign the sign-in sheets. The relationship of trust established between the training organisation and the funding organisation is therefore essential in the economic and control relationship between them.

Full traceability of operations 

Each PDF emigration sheet generated by SoWeSign is plotted. Notably concerning all the signatures presented (trainees, trainers, places, times, unitary traceability of signatures). A unique reference is displayed as a URL and QR Code on the document. It allows everyone (OF, administrations, OPCO, Regions, financiers, companies) to instantly display all the traceability elements and the chain of trust associated with the generated document.

Redundant SaaS servers based in France :

Everything is executed on dedicated servers hosted in secure OVH Datacenters. Guaranteeing compliance with traceability and French regulations on the conservation of legal and tax documents with probative value.

The servers are technically redundant to guarantee availability rates of more than 99.9% in 24/7 mode. All documents and data archived on our dedicated servers are backed up on two additional backup spaces daily. Documents with evidential value are archived in duplicate in an FNTC safe for a minimum of 10 years.

SoWeSign complies with decree n°2017-382 relating to proof of attendance, find out how here