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SoWeSign adapts to the context of your organization

SoWeSign offers you the possibility to send signature requests by remote e-mail, to use the learners’ smartphones for face-to-face signing, etc. Several solutions are available to best meet your needs.

Need a temporary solution that is affordable and easy to set up?

SoWeSign offers you to test its solution autonomously for free or with an accompanying service.

Sign in person and remotely

Touch-screen loading and compliance with barrier gestures thanks to the dematerialization of signatures.

1 month free trial

Test the solution for one month and then decide to subscribe to the offer that suits you best.

Do it yourself !

Upload your data via Excel and self-training in e-learning or coaching service in addition!

How does remote signing work?

  1. Fill in and then import your Excel file for loading data into SoWeSign (learners, trainers, sessions, etc.).
  2. The instructor selects the sending of signature requests by e-mail to the connected learners.
  3. Learners sign remotely on their own device (smartphone, tablet, computer).
  4. Generate attestations of training with probative value at the end of the period (session, session, period, …).

The instructor opens the signing session and sends a request to the learners connected remotely.

An e-mail is sent to the learners.

The learner receives an e-mail, clicks on the unique link, signs and validates.

The trainer verifies the signatures in real time.

while respecting the gestures barriers,
our 4 solutions

SoWeSign offers you solutions to continue to save while respecting barrier gestures. We adapt to your context:

  • QR Code to be emitted on the learner’s smartphone at the start of the course,
  • Signatures via encrypted codes stated orally or written on the board,
  • Remote signatures via e-mail,
  • Signatures in person with individual styluses,
  • Signatures on the learners’ smartphone with Bluetooth detection of Beacons boxes in the training organization.

They chose sowesign during the covid-19 period…

Ils nous ont fait confiance pour leurs feuilles de présence dématérialisées pendant la période du Covid-19